Branding plays a pivotal role in ensuring your brand gets the best first impression. Branding helps people to understand what your business is about, and what to expect from your business. It creates an image in people’s mind that appears every time they hear about your brand. A perfect branding consultant can help you out by creating a branding strategy for your business.

Branding is a way of differentiating your brand from that of the competitors and showing how you are providing more value in a product/service than that of the other brands.

Some people think branding is all about colors and fonts that a company uses but it is much more than that. Website and Marketing, Storefront, Social Media Presence, Customer Service, Taglines and Slogans, Philosophy and a few of them are all part of Branding.

Branding has been our USP at MetroMindz till now. We are working towards becoming one of the Best Branding Companies in Bangalore.

It includes logo, typography, letterheads, brochures, business cards, package design. These are some of the basic branding requirements that almost every business needs. Along with these website designs, mail templates also tag along if your business is online which is recommended.

Branding can be done in three stages –

Stages of Branding

Brand Strategy is a blueprint that shows how your brand will look to the outside world.

Brand Identity makes your brand recognizable through logo, website, advertising, packaging, etc.

Brand Marketing is all about bringing awareness to your brand with strategic communication.

Every brand has values and culture that it wants to be recognized with. The whole package of branding is created keeping these values in mind. Right from the colors to the font, all are decided based on what your brand is trying to portray.

How to select a Brand Marketing Agency?

The foundation stone for your BRANDING STORY will be laid by a Brand Marketing Agency.

Branding Consultant

Journey to success starts here so take note of all the factors and CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE.

Factors to be considered –

Brand values – Great partnerships have values and culture at their core. The alignment of these two can be the foundation for a great partnership. The agency’s values can give an idea of the type of relationship that you will be having in the future. 

Expertise level – While selecting a branding consultant you need to evaluate their creative expertise as branding has its process that has to be followed and executed. Look for expertise in the ability to create an array of innovative custom solutions to your brand’s unique problems.

Portfolio of quality work – The best measure of expertise is their previous projects. Having a nice collection of quality branding work across various industries is one of the signs of a good branding consultant.

Industry Reputation – Know how good they’re in the industry through client testimonials or videos present on their websites. Looking for the implementation of values that they are preaching can be helpful. See if the seniors of the company are sharing their knowledge and expertise on any of the platforms which can show the quality of their work as well.

Financial Aspect – Budget should play an important role but not a deciding factor. Sometimes reducing budget is directly proportional to the quality of work. So don’t make a decision only on this especially if you’re starting out.

Company size – If they’re a larger company then they might not be able to devote personal attention and time to your company. So depending on the size of your company choose one that matches yours the best.

Take your time in selecting the right branding consultant as it can provide the right trajectory for your business growth.


A branding consultant is a person who provides in-depth market analysis, brand analysis, and solutions that can help a brand to sell its products successfully. They see your brand in a new light and provide their expertise and knowledge that can help you to grow your business further.

There are many in-house consultants as well as freelancers who can do this job for you.

Advantages of Branding –


Powerful Branding increases the credibility of the business within the industry and the customers. When interesting visuals are paired up with phenomenal customer service, it can help to establish your company as a serious professional business.

Customer Recognition

People recognize brands mainly through their branding. With eye-catching, wild designs or simple, clean designs you can make your customers instantly recognize your brand and influence their shopping decision. When customers have two options to choose from they tend to go for a familiar and trustworthy brand.

Competitive edge in the market

Many brands are into the same kind of business. Making people come back to you becomes difficult in such cases. Hence a brand that has a clear purpose with all the values can stand out in the market.

Customer Loyalty

Good branding can boost your business that leads to increased recognition and loyalty. The values that you showcase through branding can help customers to create an emotional connection with your brand. This can last a lifetime that makes people keep coming back to your brand.

Makes it easier for new product launches

Strong branding can help you to promote new products or services easily. This happens because people are already familiar with your brand. Especially loyal customers tend to be the most interested in accepting these new products or services that you are offering.

Employee pride and satisfaction

It is not only the customers, employees of a company also should be able to relate to the brand. This can instill confidence and give them a sense of satisfaction that can lead to better performance. This can be an added advantage for your business.

Branding equals Consistency

Proper Branding can help you save time in terms of making decisions related to marketing or advertising that shouldn’t take much time. People should get the same feeling whether they are seeing your ads, using your website, or social media. Consistency gives a clear message about how clear you are about how you should be perceived.

Confidence Booster

Beautiful and Inspiring branding can have a positive impact on the business. When it also resonates with their passion, they are inspired to work harder. This can lead them to create the best products and services for their customers.

Investment for the long run

Branding can save you a lot of time and money in the long term when initial branding is taken care of properly. This leads to fewer changes for all the elements of branding. Less number of changes means you’re saving time on approval and spending less money on these. Many brands that are present for a long time have kept their basic foundation of branding the same. They tweak the original ones to match the current trends.

Here’s an example of Xiaomi that shows how much importance is given to a logo redesign.

In short, tips to create a successful Branding Strategy:

Branding Consultant
  • Get the logo done by a professional, don’t try to perfect it.
  • Understand who your customer is.
  • Create a unique, short tagline.
  • Determine your brand personality by knowing the values that it stands for.
  • Take inspiration from your competitors.
  • Follow and research the latest trends.
  • Have a consistent voice for your brand.
  • Boost your brand.

Follow these steps for effective implementation of Branding or simply contact us and we will take care of the rest. You can check our website for some of the Branding testimonials

Branding in all is about showcasing how you as a business through your products or services are trying to add more value to make the life of the consumers better. So, make the first impression to remain the best forever.

Your brand is the BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE ASSET that your company will ever own.



  1. Branding can be the biggest challenge in a competitive industry. According to you, which of the three stages is the most important one in Branding?

    • Thejas S Reply

      Brand strategy is the most important of the three because it is the foundation for the other two.

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