Content is king, and this isn’t going to change in 2021.

Content Marketers can expect an expanded job responsibility in Content Marketing as producing appropriate content, ranking for significant search terms, and distribution of the content to the relevant audience will become a major focus in their Content Marketing Strategy this year.

Companies are bound to encourage their team to use different types of content in the form of graphic design, illustration, video, and audio production, apart from the traditional blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, podcasts, and more, to create brand awareness to their audience.

The fundamental trust in quality content will remain. But the major focus will be on ensuring the right form of content being served to the right customers, at the right time to bring about a measurable drive towards the defined objectives.

Since the sales team won’t be attending events in person, we can expect them to become content marketers out of necessity. This stresses aligning your sales and marketing team and delivering dynamic and tailored content for your leads.

All this brings executives to invest more (with added scrutiny, of course) in the overburdened yet under-resourced content team.

Content in any form is good. Just analyze what inspires your target audience and how well you can engage with them. With all that in mind, here are some of the main trends you should consider for your 2021 content marketing strategy.

Augmented Reality to Reinvent Marketing

To get customers you need to go from the heart to the brain to the wallet

– Gary Vaynerchuk

Augmented reality is the best way to provide value upfront to your customers and also connect with them emotionally.

One of the best examples of using Artificial Intelligence to its full capacity is a 3D try-on by Lenskart! This is giving its users a chance to try on the glasses before buying them in their app store. What a great use of technology!

AR/VR can be beneficial as it dwells on the power of suggestion at a whole new level with the major aim of interactive AR marketing.

Virtual Events & Webinars Will Rise to the Top

People are less and less interested in reading a thousand-word blog post as they are more interested in asking questions and interacting with an expert.

This brings us to the webinars, which are now perfect for small company sessions and large industry events. This technology is all set to meet and exceed the demands of every size event.

Companies will be getting the most out of their budget by investing in safe webcast technology, employing the best speakers, and advertising their events online. This will encourage more people to join from all over the world and presently it is one of the safest ways to conduct event!

Virtual conferences and webinars are here to stay since the advances in wider reach, convenience, and content longevity are too absorbing to walk away from, especially after the pandemic.

Videos are still the most sort after form of content and it takes 82% of all the internet traffic. Now that statistics is a gold mine for marketers!

According to Livestream, 80% of audiences prefer to watch live videos than to read a blog. There’s no better way for your consumers to get information about your product than an interactive content in the form of live videos.

With the popularity of YouTube 360 and Facebook 360, marketers have noticed a steady change in users’ habits and choices while consuming marketing content. Hence content creators are compelled to step up the ways of storytelling with Augmented Reality to engage their audience.

To successfully engage your audiences use video marketing as the forefront of your content marketing strategy. Thus letting your buyers watch content they are interested in.

Original Research & Studies Will Be Driving More Value to the Customers

People DO know what they want in most of the situations. Making them feel valued by asking for their opinion. Moreover is the best way to gain more insights into their problems.

Since we all know how important customer input is in the success of businesses, companies should invest in a research study to either understand a problem or come up with a better solution for a problem.

Research studies are the best way to confirm or deny what the market thinks regarding a specific issue.

As companies are constantly in search of ways to help their customers with valuable content, they can reach out to their customers to take a small survey, as well as approach established leaders in their industry to help create originally researched content.

Best User Experience is What Sets Your Content Marketing Apart

User experience is related to the satisfaction that a website provides for all its users. Work on having a good design that meets the users’ expectations whilst simultaneously engaging them with quality content.

There was a time when content writers were focusing more on uploading content that pleases Google. But nowadays Google focuses on the content & design that pleases its users.

Ranking high on SERP is not going to be just about optimizing keywords. It will be more about the overall experience, in-depth personalized content, ease of navigation, UX design, mobile responsiveness, and how well the users receive it.

When people land on your homepage, they might want to see something empathetic. Something like feeling welcomed, excited, satisfied, happy, or curious. So hold onto their interests and give them what they want.

A good Content Marketer isn’t afraid to fail and think big.

Implementing the latest trends in your content marketing strategy is good. Do that.

But with innovation being inevitable these days, encouraging content creators to experiment and learn, seems to be a good move. Do that, too.

The predictions are already here. So, build a team with a diverse skillset and check what works well for you!

Do you think I have missed something? Have some suggestions? What content marketing trends are you following for your company? Leave a comment!


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