Video marketing is one of the upcoming trends in Digital Marketing. It is said to have a bright future for the coming years. Accessibility is the biggest advantage among others that has led to this massive surge in demand for videos. 

The complete process of making a video is called Video Production right from creating the script to final editing. This can be completely taken care of by the Video Production and Editing company. Metromindz is one such company that can help you in creating an exciting, compelling story and then turn it into one of the best videos for your business.

Video Production is one of the most creative jobs that can create video animations, logo animations that need a lot of creativity to bring imagination to the practical world.

Internet penetration has led to a surge in mobile devices that has indirectly led to unprecedented growth in the consumption of videos. Mobile phones and laptops have become the best devices to consume videos. 

Videos have many types like corporate video, explainer video, animation video among many others. We have the best creative video production team that has rich experience in creating all types of videos.


People are always drawn to stories. The way you tell a story through a video will directly impact how the audience is going to receive it. There’s something called the 4 E’s of a video that signifies the four qualities that are required for your video to stand out from the crowd.

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The video production team needs to keep these qualities in mind when creating the storyboard for the video. A video embedded with these qualities is going to perform the best.

A video can help you to establish better authority for your products and a more personal connection to your message. They help to increase the website traffic of a business especially if they’re explainer videos. It also offers better Return-On-Investment(ROI) for the marketers.

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Already about 61% of the marketers have made plans to increase their spending on videos in 2021. This is because videos tend to have an impact on viewers and by giving a proper CTA you can make them take action such as navigate to your website or clicking a product link after viewing a video ad.


Explainer videos can be a small animated video mainly focused on explaining business, product/service concepts to others in a simple way. It breaks them down into smaller, simpler ideas that are easy to digest.

Best explainer videos can be given out only by the best Video Production companies.

  1. Build Relationships: Good Explainer Videos should be able to strike a connection with the audience that can help them to trust a business and its products to create a long-term relationship.
  1. Usability: The usage of these videos can be very vast. These should be made such that they can fit anywhere from social media platforms to landing pages.
  1. Website Traffic & SEO: Embedding an explainer video will result in a significant increase in your website traffic. Moreover, Google also loves videos and organic traffic usually has highly targeted visitors.
  1. Unbiased: These should be created in such a way that they need to add value to new as well as old customers.
  1. Making Complex Topics Simpler: Explainer videos should be able to break down complex topics into a simpler language such that any person should be able to understand them.
  1. Higher conversion rates: Making interesting, exciting explainer videos can improve your engagement rates as well as get you more sales that lead to a higher conversion rate.

These are the hidden benefits that your video production team is providing by creating exemplary videos for your business.


There’s no harm tying up with a video production company especially if you’re a small business. Big companies have the privilege to have an in-house team as they have the time, capital, and resources on their side which is not the case for small businesses. 

Having an understanding of the overall picture beforehand is much better than facing problems thereafter. We at MetroMindz have been serving clients for video production from our inception. These clients come from all types of industries and across the globe. 

It is better to be clear of the needs, goals, expectations that you have from the video as the company is going to write a story along these lines. Make sure that both the parties are on the same page  or else the complete picture of the video you’ve might vary from what the video production team has. 

A complete team of video production is provided to you right from Script Writer to Editor. Sharing a nice rapport with each of them would give you a better understanding of the people on the team. 

Understanding the terms of the contract from every aspect like rights, budget, ownership, etc. is very important for a client. 

Being part of your video at every stage is the best way to get a hang of what is happening and how well your idea is turning out to be.

Benefits of Corporate Video Presentation for your Business


Few of these might be familiar to the team of video production as these are the fundamentals that they’ve to keep in mind while creating a design on the storyboard.

First and foremost is the SCRIPT of the video. It need not be specifically only an explainer video but can be a storyteller with the message being conveyed from the start to finish being the same. 

CREATIVITY is very important in this initial phase to give your brand the best exposure that you’re aiming to achieve through this video. 

Next, BRAND IDENTITY must always be kept in mind while creating these videos.

An engaging storyline with a CLEAR and SIMPLE MESSAGE to convey.

Whether it’s a voiceover or a simple specific type of video animation, the BACKGROUND MUSIC has to perfectly suit the visuals.

A clear message along with a CALL TO ACTION gives the video a perfect ending.

Take a look at some of these explainer video script examples from famous brands across the globe. Some of these brands give utmost importance to video production teams that can create such videos.


Videos are something that can stay in the minds of people for a longer time. Especially a video that has a great storyline is for sure to be a hit among the audiences. A simple video can make your brand recognizable.

Videos for Business

In today’s world being recognized is not such a difficult thing as it was before. Social media is one of the biggest levelers in this case. There are many instances where the brands became famous only because of videos.

Businesses can make use of various types of videos like explainer videos, corporate videos, animation videos among others to serve different purposes. Videos published on any of the digital platforms are always useful in one way or the other.

CRED recently created one such campaign that featured Rahul Dravid in a never seen before avatar. That’s why they say “You are just one video away from becoming viral”.


In a recent survey, they came to find out that about 64% of internet users are more interested in buying a product or service only if they have watched a video that provides precise information and a clear idea of how a product works and how it can solve their problems.

A perfect combination of all the elements of a video like graphics, animation, text, voiceover, music work together to create a sense of trust and help in showcasing a brand’s unique personality.

Sounds Interesting? Want an explainer video for your brand? We can put the right amount of all the elements into your video to give you the best ones. Feel free to contact us.


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