A great logo can make your business stand out and also make it easily recognizable. In this era of digital transformation, logo design plays a key role to attract customer’s attention. From drafting your logo to printing it on your brand, businesses should follow some essential aspects. Keep reading to discover more!

Logo Design is not as simple as it appears. It requires an expert’s eye and should be compatible with the company’s vision. A logo is a primary aspect that sets brand perception. If a customer finds the brand logo attractive, they tend to choose your brand. Even toddlers having no such idea about the outside world can recognize the brand logo.

For an emerging business, if you are looking for a perfect logo design that suits your brand, you must consider the following.  

1. Make a statement based on your Brand and Values.

Logo design

Every business has some sort of ideology behind its business. Of course, the logo you are going to design has to be simple; however, it must also reflect the basic nature of your business. A logo is an image that introduces your brand to the audience.

Your logo design should be capable of reflecting the values of your company, business, product, and service. You are the brand and a source of authenticity. The logo’s job is to be a vessel that can deliver those qualities to your audience. It is crucial to stay authentic to the brand’s overarching personality. Apart from business ideology, every logo possesses a history filled with meaning and purpose.

If you take the example of popular brands like Apple and Wikipedia, you will find that both the logos are very simple yet deliver a significant outlook of the business. A logo is the visual keystone of a brand. 

Once you’ve established the attributes that make your company value to your customers, use them as communication goals for your logo.

2. Understand Target Audience

Logo design

The entire concept of the brand revolves around the audience you target. A successful business always prioritizes its audience. The message, channel, and tone should all be based on the traits of the target demographic for your business. Focus on whom you’re attracting, not your style or taste. 

Moreover, an eye-catching logo always makes a business more recognizable.

To be more precise, if you have a healthcare product, and your brand is specifically for new-generation women, the logo must be feminine and represent the idea of modern women. This way, the customer feels driven towards your brand.

3. Logo should be Distinct and Unique

logo design tips

Your logo should set your business apart from others, so make it recognizable while maintaining minimalism in it. An exceptional logo should speak to the audience directly without creating any confusion. Be aware that less is often more, and this image will carry your brand forever so it must be adaptable to your company’s growth.

Before creating the logo, keep one thing in mind that people should enjoy seeing it. Replicating any popular brand logo will impact your brand negatively. Thus, you need to be more attentive while choosing the rough draft of your logo.

Always be clear about the uniqueness of your logo and convey the same to the logo designer. Apart from making it unique and distinct, you need to make it simple and flexible so that the customer could easily follow you and understand your message. 

4. Logo can be Everywhere

Logo design

The logo must be suitable for all the platforms on which you are showcasing your brand. Placing your logo on all of your marketing, social media, website, packaging, products, etc. is a way to advertise your brand and your message consistently, whether it’s in the store, or online, If you’ve developed your brand message and successfully tied it to your logo, everything you do and create becomes associated with the logo and brand.

To highlight your brand logo, you must avoid shadows and fine details that may not show up well on certain media. For example, if you take Starbucks, you will find that the logo is everywhere, starting from the banner to the packaging, the logo is flaunted. It adds a sense of aura and dignity when you can showcase the logo on every media platform with equal importance. 

5. Choose your Design Style

logo design styles

Some enterprises use a single font, while some use the initials, and others like to represent the entire name of the brand in the logo. 

It might be a good idea to have different variations of the logo to fit different presentation formats. Take your time and sit with your designers to choose the best way to represent the logo. The first thing you want to do is pick the right design aesthetic for your brand.

Organic logo shapes: it is known to represent uniqueness and capture maximum attention if you can use it properly. Organic shapes are generally free forms, various figures add distinct results. Designers use this pattern frequently in the wellness industry. Organic shapes are usually flexible and communicate familiarity and comfort.

Curve shape: curve shapes tend to add rhythm and motion to logo design. It represents positive emotions, happiness, and movement. If your organization intends to deliver a reflection of joy and happiness, a curve shape is an ideal choice for you.

Spiral shapes: Spiral shapes are rarely used for logo design. The spiral logo brings a sense of calmness and fascination. The combination also represents a continuous flow of love, time, and energy.   

6. Make it easy to the Eye. 

logo ideas

Great logo design is all about simplicity. It needs to be memorable and still be easy on the eye. It needs to tell the viewer in a single image what your company, business, product, or service is all about.

A simple logo is not about designing, but it is about delivering the message more efficiently. 

7. Pay Attention to Color

logo colours

In terms of design, color plays a key role. You need to contemplate every aspect of the image and the color you add to the logo. Bright and bold colors grab more attention. Every color indicates a different message and conveys a solid brand image. Take a look at the variety of colors and what message each color indicates:

  • Red: energetic and boldness
  • Orange: creative, friendly, and youthfulness
  • Yellow: sunshine, inventive, and optimism
  • Green: Growth, organism, and freshness
  • Blue: Professionalism, tranquility, and trust
  • Purple: Spiritual, wise, luxurious.
  • Black: Credible and powerful
  • Whit: simplicity, purity.
  • Brown: rural, historical, and steadiness.

Final Thought

You don’t have to be a major player like Apple or Coca-Cola to make an impression with your logo design. Take the time to think about these tips before sketching out your company’s emblem. Once it’s ready, make sure you print it everywhere and anywhere, from billboards to mailers and promotional giveaways!

Logo fonts, colors, shapes can contribute to how you interpret your brand. Before you opt for logo design, determine the targeted audience and propose the idea you wish to deliver to the designing team. A simple design is not to be equated with simple brand awareness or business model. It is just the opposite. The simplicity of an effective logo indicates more focus on the brand.

If you have a logo design project coming up that you’d like to discuss then please get in touch and we would be more than happy to discuss options of working together.


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