Videos in general are nothing but a collection of IMAGES.

When you put a bunch of images together and then add music to it, then a VIDEO is BORN. Storytelling is at the crux of any video. Any video that doesn’t have a proper storyline is a sure shot to fail.

Video content has been one of the best performing types of visual content for a long time. It has gone through many modifications to get the best out of it.

Few of the social media platforms are purely based on videos. Metromindz has been serving clients by providing video content not only for their social media but also producing other videos like corporate or events related videos.

This unprecedented growth of videos has only led to an increase in demand for the production of video content. A different type of marketing on a whole has come into existence which is called VIDEO MARKETING.

Few of the companies just resort to only this type of marketing as they feel videos offer a better Return on Investment when compared to other visual content types. Video content is very easy to share as people are 40 times more likely to share a video than other content types. This marketing can work irrespective of the medium used.

Whether it’s Social Media, Websites, Emails, and many others, they seamlessly fit. Many businesses hire a video production company to get the videos done. 

Video Content & Gen Z

Generation Z

Gen Z is a short form for Generation Z which refers to people who are born in the late ’90s. To be very precise these are the ones who have grown with the technology.

Since they are the future, brands need to understand their behavior, likes & dislikes, preferences among many other factors. These can alone help them to predict their buying pattern in the future.

One of the preferences is VIDEO CONTENT. They stream video content roughly for 23 hours a week which means they’re spending a whole day watching videos. One more important thing to note is that approximately 71% of them use mobile phones to watch videos.

Businesses need to adapt to this generation as these are the ones that are going to have the best spending power ever. It is very important to reach them in the best possible ways that they prefer of which video content is one.

5 Advantages of Video Content on Social Media

Social Media is a place where you have all types of people. While creating a video, it’s very important to decide on what message you’re trying to convey through a video.

1. New Audiences

Videos can make your brand reach out to new audiences. As Millennials and Gen Z become more tech-savvy, engaging Video content makes them want to share it with their friends and family. This group of people spends most of their time online and video is their preferred type of content.

2. SEO friendly

Using the right keywords in the title and description can make your video directly rank higher for a relevant search. Social Media platforms themselves have become mini search engines. Each having its way of searching and consuming the content.

3. Create a sense of Trust

This is a unique advantage of video content. People tend to trust a business more when the videos have real people in them. This gives them a sense of authenticity and trust towards your brand.

4. Chance to make your brand viral

Videos have a unique shareability feature that can make a quirky video campaign go viral in no time. People tend to share videos more than any other type of visual content.

5. Power of Data

Anything that’s posted on social media has numbers to it. Video is no exception here. The only difference being that as engagement is higher for videos, the data can be used for understanding user behavior or to create targeted campaigns.

Types of video content on social media

Video Specific Social Media Applications

Many social media platforms that are primarily video-oriented are present in today’s world. Here we will give you an example of two such applications.

YOUTUBE is one of the first social media platforms that came into existence. It was and has been a video-based platform only. The video length is not much of a concern as YouTube has given complete control to the creators in this matter.

A new feature has been added recently called Shorts. This is a small video of less than a minute shot and should be fully shot only on the phone.

YouTube and TikTok

TIK TOK is the fastest-growing social media platform at present. It has been a rage throughout the world crossing the borders of China, where it was founded.

This is a short-video sharing platform that allows video of duration 15 seconds to three minutes. Influencer Marketing also got a big boost after this became the buzziest of all social media applications.

Understanding a few basic technicalities and the applications that can be used to create videos can be helpful in the long run.

Harness the Power of Video Content

TIME IS MONEY. Every minute you waste thinking about making videos or not, you’re losing one of the most engaging, visually appealing types of content that can bring a lot of customers for you.

Here are a few secrets👇 from our side that can help you create the best videos

📍Plan your strategy

Crystal-clear, well-thought-out strategy can be the backbone for your successful video campaign. Achieving end goals should be the primary factor while strategizing a video campaign.

📍Grab Attention

Quirky, eye-catching visuals can grab the attention of people within no time. The quicker you grab that much better it is for the performance of the video. This is a direct reflection of the reduced attention span of human beings.

📍Clear Message

The storyline is very important for any video. A proper starting and ending along with a clear message can do wonders for your brand. If this is followed, even a simple video can give you better returns than most of them.

📍Simple Music

Music that’s complimenting the visuals can have the best impact on the person seeing it. This music should also match with the voice-over in case your video has any.

📍Proper CTA

Ending with a proper call-to-action(CTA) is very important as people tend to remember the climax more than any other part of the video. It is not only helpful for sales but also gives a sense of directions to what they should do after watching the video.

Video Content Ideas for Social Media

Video Content Ideas

Create a series of videos just like a web series where you have a common message that’s being brought out in parts of every video. Roughly 2 to 3 videos are optimum for each series.

Collaboration videos are a big way to boost brand image. Any type of business can collaborate with another brand that’s either related to its industry or outside as well. A whole new world of ideas can open up with the help of a single collaboration.

Product Promotion videos can have explainers, real-life experiments, or testimonials that give the perspective for people/businesses of how the product can make their life easier.

Company Videos include workplace, employees, culture, events, conferences. All these can make people understand that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business.

Key Takeaway

Creativity should be one of the key factors that need to be considered while choosing a video production company. To gauge the expertise of a company, take a look at the previous projects undertaken by them.

If you’re searching for one then you’re on the right page, Metromindz is one of the most creative video production companies. 

Videos make heads turn towards it. Even the smallest of the smallest part of music is enough to make people take note of your brand. So what are you waiting for? Contact Us Today!


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